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ACT/SAT Exam Preparation Class

The decision to attend college is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. On that note, how you will do on college entrance exams are keys in determining your choice for college. Taking ACT or SAT is required in universities and colleges in the U.S., which you must prepare for your journey to college. Learn@Ease’s ACT/SAT Exam Preparation Class will help you to prepare for both.

Your goal is the top score, but you need help. Fortunately, Learn@Ease has the best tutors to prep you up. There are a number of reasons why you are dropping points in your JS1/SS1exams. It could be because you misunderstood the question, did not choose the best method to solve the problem or waster time memorizing everything.

Let us help you avoid these from happening through our SAT/ACT Exam Prep Class. This class is for students in the last stretch of secondary school as well as secondary school leavers planning to take undergraduate studies in the US or Canada. With our comprehensive prep course, you can benefit from dynamic instruction on subjects such as Math, Writing, Language, Evidence-Based Reading and more.

Our ACT/SAT Exam Preparation Class provides students with the opportunity to refine their knowledge and skills for when they finally take their ACT and SAT I exams. Our tutors offer students with practice and instruction, helping them become familiar with the types of questions used and the format of the tests. Additionally, the subject areas that will be tested on the exams will be reviewed as well.

JS1/SS1 Preparation Class

You are entering a new school, and you are worried if you can follow the new classes. You realize your learning difficulties and one of them is catching up with new lessons, especially at the beginning of the year. It is great that you know what your learning needs are because that means you can find the right kind of help to prepare and improve.

Enroll in our JS1/SS1 Prep Classes and come prep with our best tutors between April or May and September. During this time, we will help students on their new classes with JS1 class intended to introduce you to all the new classes in secondary school. On the other hand, the SS1 class helps to get acquainted with a new subject in the senior year in secondary school.

If you are about to enter a new school year and a new class, it can be daunting to think about what classes you will be attending. But you do not have to guess because we can introduce you to them and help you become familiar with your upcoming lessons. Our JS1/SS1 Preparation Class will prepare you through instruction on the key subjects and new classes you will encounter in secondary school.

We understand how worried you must be that you might not learn at the same pace as others with new lessons. In that case, why not learn them beforehand? It will help greatly help you to adjust to your new school surroundings. With Learn@Ease’s JS1/SS1 Preparation Class, you can rely on expert tutors to guide you in the introductory-level classes of secondary school.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to get help from our expert tutors!

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