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After-School Support

The After-School Support Services are ideal for children in the lower primary classes. In this program, our tutors can help children master concepts and contents from the work done in their schools. It is an excellent tutoring class where a qualified tutor guides your child with homework and school projects when you are unable to do it due to work or other responsibilities.

We offer a wide array of subjects including English, Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning, and Math classes. These are auxiliary classes that can help your students improve three of the most typically challenging subjects. With these classes, the lessons students already learned at school are strengthened.

Learn@ease’s After-School Tutoring is an enrichment program that helps children hone their talents and skills in specific areas. With our tutors, they can get guidance in specific areas of study and reinforce their studies through fun, multimedia activities. At Learn@ease, we combine education and technology to make learning fun and stimulating.

Our goal is to ensure that every student in our care succeeds by partnering with parents. With a firm belief that sometimes, kids only need additional time and support from someone who knows more about the subject matter, our After-School tutors are ready to share their time and knowledge to help your children to make up school work and understand their lessons well.

If you believe your kids need after-school assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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