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Booster Program

Do you find it hard to move at the same learning pace as the entire class? Do you have difficulty with some subjects in school? In that case, the best program to help you is our Booster Class. It’s a tutoring program designed to support students that are having difficulties at school. With help from expert tutors, students can get additional lessons in a personalized setting.

The fact is that school teachers cannot give focus to everyone in the class. With that, someone will be undoubtedly at the bottom of the class. Learn@Ease’s tutors help these students by focusing on the areas of improvement and creating a plan suitable to their learning styles. Learn@Ease’s customized Booster Class can attend to a student’s needs in a one-on-one session.

Since our Booster Class is customized, you can rely on tutors to help improve your academic abilities and skills on different subject matters. We can help you review your basic math skills to help you succeed in high-level math courses. We can also help you develop your vocabulary, which is one of the most problematic areas to learn.

With our Booster Class, you can improve your grammar, write better essays, and overall enhance your standing in school. The guidance our tutors provide has already helped a lot of students, significantly improving their odds in scoring high in school tests. We’ll help improve your knowledge and build your skills for a brighter future.

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