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Here are some typical, frequently asked questions from students and parents at Learn@ease.


  • Are your tutors qualified?

    For our lead tutors the minimum qualification is a degree, but most of our tutors have further qualifications, including PGD and masters. All tutors receive intensive initial training and on-going professional training is an integral part of our company ethos.

    Learning is for everyone, not just for our student

  •  How many students are there in each class?

    Classes are typically between 8-12 students. We sometimes allow numbers above this if there is an excellent group ethos – in this case, we add an extra tutor.

  •  Will my child have homework?

    Yes. Homework is set every week after every lesson. Please ask about the Redwood Homework Policy when you make an appointment.

  •  What happens if my child is ahead of other children in the class?

    Student progress is reviewed every week at our Management Meetings. Where students are performing well (or perhaps are struggling) we will notify you in advance of any change of class. We will also set “extension” work to suit the more able students.

  •  How do I know if my child has improved?

    In addition to weekly homework’s, students take an assessment every 8 lessons covering the topics they have been studying. You will be informed of your child’s progress regularly.

  • Can tutors help with my child’s school homework?

    Yes. We are happy to advise and help on all aspects of your child’s education.

  • Are students taken through exam papers?

    Yes. Preparation for public examinations is a core service offered by Learn@ease. Your child will be familiar with and well prepared for their exams. We cover all the main exam boards and will liaise with you regularly about exam dates and entries.

  •  Are you open throughout the year?

    Yes. As a general rule, our classes run all year round. We close for two weeks in December, 1 week for Easter and Summer break for the month of August.

  •  Do I get charged during the holidays?

    No. When there are no classes held by Learn@ease (for example for 2 weeks in December) we would simply adjust your bill so you do not get charged during our holiday period.

  • How do I pay my tuition fees?

    We tend to bill you on a calendar monthly basis in advance so you can pay on the first day of your month’s tuition. You can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

  •  How do I register?

    Simply call us at 08033884189 or email at, a member of our team will contact you to book an appointment

  •  How many subjects can I choose?

    The student or parent can select one or more subjects for the following courses: Primary, JSS, SSS, GCSE and A-level. The student or parent can select a single or more subjects from the following: Maths, english, science, physics, biology, chemistry, economics and business studies.

  •  How long does each subject last for?

    Each subject lasts for one hour per week.


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