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Secondary School Holiday Tutorial

How do you plan to spend your holiday? Doing outdoor activities is excellent but if you have no plans for that, why not spend the time to revise or get ahead from the lessons in school? Our Secondary School Holiday Tutorial can provide professional tutorial services to help students catch up on lessons missed at school or accelerate and complete the lessons in advance.

Learn@Ease’s Secondary School Holiday Tutorial class is a structured program designed to help secondary school students who want to use their holidays to improve academically. The idea is the same as almost the same as an after-school tutoring session. However, as you can guess, this program is open only during holiday days of children.

It is a tutoring program for students who do not have time for an after-school class during regular school days. With this program, your child can still take advantage of the benefits of reinforcing his or her school lessons and catch up on missing assignments during the school holidays. During this time, he or she can receive guidance with our seasoned tutors.

If you do not have plans for the school holidays, do not waste it by lounging on the couch. Instead, keep yourself motivated and make use of your holidays effectively through our holiday courses. Our tutors can help make your use of time wisely and help you prepare for the next classes, giving you a headstart over your classmates.

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