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Learn@ease is an educational centre that provides exceptional tutoring services to children of ages 5years to about 20 years. Learn@ease does not compromise on the quality of resources and instruction that guarantee the success of the students.

With the mission of “Molding future leaders through innovative learning,” Learn@ease provides professional educational services to children between the ages of 5 and 20 through our tutoring programs in our tutoring centres.

At Learn@ease, every child learns at his or her own pace and gets access to unique learning processes that extend beyond the type of learning that takes place in traditional classrooms. More often than not, regular school programs and classroom teaching fail to meet the academic rigour expected for students to compete or meet the requirements of competitive institutions. That's where we come in. When parents and guardians notice gaps in their children’s learning, the Learn@ease centres are here to help the students achieve the desired results

Who We Are

Learn@ease is an educational centre dedicated to providing students with professional tutoring services. We help parents give their children access to an exceptional education program that includes high-quality resources as well as instruction from seasoned educators. Our organization promotes the success of students through our passion and commitment towards advancing the achievements of children in our care.

To help our students, Learn@ease programs are designed to provide customized and personalized instruction because we understand that learning needs vary from student to student. In order to support and encourage the highest growth possible, our tutoring and learning plans are carefully designed around students’ abilities and interests.

We further support their achievement by providing professional after-school coaching. The coaching services we provide focus on every student’s area of deficiency, thereby strengthening the learning that goes on in their schools. Parents can trust that at Learn@ease, the best tutors are available to support their children.

Why choose us? Let us tell you the best reasons why many parents and students choose Learn@Ease to help them in their learning needs. Evidence suggests that tutoring works and our successes over the years attest to that. When you feel unable to help your child with his or her schoolwork, when you notice they are under-stimulated or need help to reinforce their learning, Learn@Ease is here to help.

The BEST Tutors

Learn@Ease has the BEST tutors and educators to assist the education of your child. Every tutor under our service underwent a rigorous recruiting and interview process. With that, we can assure you that we have the best online tutors. They are local teachers, accomplished professionals interested in education, respected experts in their areas and people who enjoy working with young people.

No “One Size Fits All” Approach Here!

We’ve mentioned it before, but our approach is customized and personal to each student. It’s one of the things that set us apart, giving personal attention to the needs of every student in our care. We provide them with individualized study program tailored to play with their strengths and designed to improve their weaknesses.

Progress Reports

Learn@Ease strongly believes that communication is what will lead to the success of your child’s education. If you desire it so, we can instruct our tutors to provide every parent with an email progress report within 24 hours after every session. Our progress reports contain a detailed account of the student’s energy during the session, their preparation and progress, as well as a summary of the lesson.

Convenience, Accessibility, and Technology

Besides personalized tutoring, we also have the advantage of accessibility, technology, and convenience. Students can learn at their own pace since they can get tutoring help from anywhere and anytime through our digital programs designed to improve their learning experience.

Learn@Ease helps every child under our care to learn not only inside the classroom but outside as well. With help from capable tutors, we can determine what your child’s problem areas are and focus on improving them with personalized instruction. When parents don’t have the time or have the capability to help their child in their studies, you can count on us to help.

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At Learn@ease Learning Centre, we follow a customized learning path tailored to each child in our care. Our goal is to help every child learn with confidence and purpose. We accomplish this by focusing on every aspect that can help the child succeed.

Cognitive Learning Approach
Our learning path focuses on the ability of the child to take in new information, as well as build from his or her current knowledge. With our cognitive learning approach, we encourage our children to think critically so they can deal with new problems confidently.

Personal Instruction and Self-Directed Work
While recognizing the need for individual pace and style of each learner, we follow a balanced instruction method when delivering lesson content. Through the use of self-directed work, we encourage our children to be independent and self-reliant.

Motivation and Inspiration
Learn@ease children are inspired in many ways: our serene, conducive and cozy environment is perfect for learning. The teachers are professionals who know how to bring out the best in the children through adequate motivation.

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