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We are delighted to have your child in our online class. Here are some important tips that will help you assist your child to succeed in the online programme.

  • The Google Classroom is the major platform we use for communication.
  • Once registration has been completed Learn@ease will send you a link through your Gmail, requesting you to join the class. Click on “Join” and automatically, your child will be in the Google Classroom.
  • In the Classroom, click on “Classwork” and the following will be displayed at the top of the class: List of Books, How to Submit Assignments and Time Table. Contact the centre if your child doesn’t have any of the listed books. (08097858450)
  • After the first sign in, and in order to go back to the google classroom, follow these steps:

If using a Laptop/Desktop:

  • Sign in to your Gmail on the laptop
  • Click on the ‘9 dots’ on the top right of your screen
  • Scroll to ‘classroom’ and click on it
  • Click on your class which will be showing on the screen, and you’re in. 

If using a Phone/Tablet:

  • Sign in to your Gmail on the phone
  • Download the ‘Google Classroom’ app
  • Once you click on the app you’re in your class.
  • The class time table should be followed strictly (Monday – Friday). Please note that teachers upload a pre-recorded video of a lesson every morning; the child is expected to watch the video before 4pm when it will be discussed in class, and take notes while watching. Assignments are then done at any free time and submitted before due date, which is at 12 noon the following day.
  • The teacher marks the handed in assignment and it is returned via the Google Classroom. Note that correction for each work is also uploaded on the platform and it is important for the child to go back and check the correction.
  • Live lessons/classes hold every evening (4pm – 6pm) Monday to Friday. This is usually a Zoom class and the Zoom ID and password will be posted in the Google Classroom by 8 am each day.
  • For proper monitoring, each child should have four notebooks. Two for Maths and two for English. The child must be encouraged to take notes for each lesson (while watching the pre-recorded videos) with one of the notebooks. The second notebook should be used to do assignments, from where he/she will snap and submit. It is important that the child writes the date for each lesson. Now, this is a good way to monitor your child’s participation in the online class. 

Remember to find time amidst your busy schedule to call for the notebooks from time to time.

  • Videos should be turned on during Zoom classes and device name should be changed to student’s name. This has to be adhered to otherwise the child will not be let into the class.
  • Be assured that the class supervisor is following up on your child’s participation/progress and will always contact you when there is need.


The time table and other important information are there in the Google Classroom. At the top of your device you will see ‘’STREAM’’ ‘’CLASSWORK’’ ‘’PEOPLE’’. Click on Classwork, then on time table or any other information you may need to view. Don’t forget to watch the instructional video on how to submit assignments, please watch this video with your child.

Thank you for choosing Learn@ease, we look forward to a fruitful partnering with you!


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