Academic Tutoring

Learn@ease offers face-to-face tutoring services online and in person. Our team of expert tutors works with students to help them achieve their academic goals and boost their confidence.

Primary, Junior Secondary, & Senior Secondary Students

Our tutoring services are available to meet many students’ needs. 

Tutoring Services Available Year-round

We offer tutoring services in the morning and evening.


Academic Tutoring Services

Afterschool Support

In-person Monday – Thursday 4:30-6:30pm
In-person Friday 3:30-5:30pm
Online Monday
Thursday  5:00-7:00pm
Online Friday 4:00-6:00pm

Year-round | In Person & Online

Our afterschool curriculum is designed to help your child supplement their academic studies. Afterschool services are available both in-person and online.

Booster Program

Monday – Thursday 9am-2pm
Friday 9am-1pm

Year-round | In Person & Online

Our in-person and online morning lessons are designed to help students who are struggling in school keep up with and accelerate their academic studies. Our lessons also prepare students for their Secondary School entrance exams.

Your child will receive personalized attention in small class sizes (student-teacher ratio of 3:1) through face-to-face lessons with our experienced Tutors in Math, English, and General Knowledge.

Holiday Tutorial

4-5 Week Session Every August 
Monday – Friday 9am-2pm

In Person & Online

Start the next academic year strong with Holiday Tutorial. We’ll help your Primary or Secondary School student stay on track academically in a safe and fun learning environment.

In addition to an engaging academic program, students are taught entrepreneurship and life skills, and participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.


Benefits to Academic Tutoring


Establish a Strong Foundation

Our tutoring helps students lay a strong foundation and brings them up to speed with requisite knowledge of core subjects.


Get a Step Ahead

We help introduce students to new topics for their next academic session, enabling them to be a step ahead of their peers.


Participate in Interactive Extracurricular Activities

At Learn@ease, we believe that engaging students in interactive extracurricular activities helps support a fun learning experience.


Develop a Mastery of Academic Subjects

Our expert tutors help your child develop a mastery of different academic subjects.


Boost Motivation

We help students develop a healthy competitive mindset that boosts their motivation and drives them to learn more.


Gain Independent Learning Skills

At Learn@ease, students develop independent learning skills that guide them in their pursuits and support them in the long-term.


What Our Students Say

Hello, I am the head girl of Living Fountain International School. I was also awarded as the best female candidate for Loyola Jesuit entrance examination in February 2020. The journey began when I enrolled in Learn@ease center. Learn@ease taught me many things I did not know. They also taught me how to manage my time very well. They pushed me to be the best that I can be.

I am nine years old and I’ve learnt a lot of things so far. First, during the placement test, I didn’t really know what to do. Now I’ve learned about everything that I need to know. I like the way [the teachers] teach because it’s very effective and I always get to learn something new every day. 



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