College Buddies Program

The College Buddies Program is a free peer mentorship program connecting self-driven secondary school students with Nigerian students at top U.S. universities.


Peer Mentoring for Secondary School Students

Learn@ease is proud to introduce the College Buddies Program, a free peer mentoring program for self-driven secondary school students who would benefit from having a strong university mentor.

Our broad network of Nigerian students attending U.S. universities are available to help students learn about student life, think through which university is right for them, and successfully navigate the application process.


Program Benefits

For Secondary School Student Mentees


Connect with Nigerian student mentors attending U.S. universities


Gain first-hand insight into student life & academics at U.S. universities


Learn more about the college application process


Start building your personal & professional network


Learn about student job opportunities available at U.S. universities

For University Student Mentors


Mentor self-driven Nigerian secondary school students


Gain peer mentorship experience


Help empower secondary school students to make informed decisions when applying to universities


Develop transferable skills such as communication, interpersonal, & leadership skills

Apply Today!

To apply to the College Buddies Program as a mentee, please send an email to with the following details on or before October 31, 2022:

  1. Introduce yourself;
  2. Describe your university aspirations; and
  3. Explain any goals you have which you would like a mentor to help you with.

Application Deadline








Universities Our Mentors Attend


What Our Mentors Say

I think mentorship is a crucial part of the college application process. I remember in SS3 how anxious and stressed I was everytime I decided to apply to a school but did not know much about schooling in the US. I wish I had people who had been through the same thing to talk to and ask questions as I think it would have made the process so much easier.

Fayobomi Olusola-Falodun, Class of 2024

Nigerian Undergraduate Student at UMass Amherst

When I first applied to college in the US, I did not have many resources to guide me in choosing the right college and navigating majors. Having been through the experience, mentoring is my way of giving back and staying in touch.


Femi Olamijulo

Nigerian Master’s Student at Harvard


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