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Why choose us? Let us tell you the best reasons why many parents and students choose Learn@ease to help their children achieve their goals. Evidence suggests that tutoring works and our successes over the years attest to this. When you feel unable to help your child with his or her schoolwork, when you notice they are under-stimulated or need help to reinforce their learning,  please call on Learn@ease, and we'll take it from there.

Professional Tutors

Learn@ease has the Best tutors and educators who are innovative and passionate. Every tutor under our service underwent a rigorous recruiting and interview process. With that, we can assure you that we have the best online tutors who are friendly, enthusiastic and delinquent. Most of all, our teachers are accomplished professionals who know how best to make their students learn even the most difficult concepts. 

Progress Report

Learn@ease encourages parents to partner in the overall development of their children. To this effect, we believe that communication is  the key. We provide parents with a periodic email report on the academic progress of the child and on any other concerns. Parents can come to the centre or call on phone to discuss the child's progress with our students success teachers.


Convenience and Accessibility

Learn@ease is situated in Utako district, and of course, a very convenient location for most parents in Abuja. Our well structured online program provide more convenience for parents who live outside Abuja or parents who have difficulty bringing their children to the centre. 


At Learn@ease, we take care of your child's educational needs. We are poised to help every child attain his/her desired goal. Through our unique online program, we bring REAL Learning to your doorstep. 

Trust us, partner with us, we will not fail, we have never failed. 

Contact us today for more information on our professional tutoring services.

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