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After-School Support

Learn@ease Learning Centre offers an engaging after school care/support for children between the ages of 4 and 11years. Our qualified teachers guide the children with their school homework as well as build on existing content hence, children who attend Learn@ease after school program tend to have an edge over their counterparts.

Our after-school curriculum is designed to help children internalize topics that are taught in schools, and ensure that they get enough academic challenge that will help them excel in every area of study.

Learn@ease after-school program helps the children develop their talents and build skills in specific areas.


Take advantage of our one-on one morning lessons to help your child overcome that particular learning challenge. Our tutors are trained to personalize learning in order to suit the individual needs of the child with a view to correcting the anomaly and having the child reintegrated in school as soon as possible.



  • Review and improve on basic maths skills, thereby helping children to succeed in high level maths.
  • Drill children to improve on spellings by using phonetic sounds approach.
  • Build grammar skills by teaching grammar rules and application.
  • Develop vocabulary by encouraging the children to read.
  • Improve on essay writing skills by teaching essay writing techniques, guides and formats.


How do you want your children to spend their time during the long holidays? Is it all fun and no work or is it all work and no fun? Well, Learn@ease offers a perfect combination of both, and much more. In addition to an all-engaging academic program, students are taught entrepreneurship and life skills. They also learn to play many indoor and out-door games.

At the end of our holiday program, the students would have covered many topics that they would meet in their new classes the coming academic year. Learn@ease secondary school holiday lesson is always meaningful and fun.


Learn@ease has an impressive and strong track record of getting children into competitive secondary schools in Nigeria, such as Loyola Jesuit College Abuja, Jesuit Memorial College Port Harcourt, James Hope College Agbor, and others. It is worthy to note that a good number of Learn@ease children usually get scholarships into these desired schools. We are able to achieve this through the use of our well-structured and enhanced curriculum.

In addition, we equip children with necessary skills and inculcate in them, the right learning attitude needed to succeed in secondary school. Over the years we have used effective grouping system and proven testing techniques to ensure that children get into their ‘DREAM SCHOOL’.

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