Student Testimonials

Check out some of the testimonials from past and current Learn@ease students on this page! Reach out to us with any questions or want to talk to current students. 

Tutoring Services

"Hello, I am the head girl of Living Fountain International School. I was also awarded as the best female candidate for Loyola Jesuit entrance examination in February 2020. The journey began when I enrolled in Learn@ease center. Learn@ease taught me many things I did not know. They also taught me how to manage my time very well. They pushed me to be the best that I can be."

"Good day everyone. I’m ten years old and this year I was a recipient of the James Hope College Full Scholarship program. My excitement still holds no bounds until now. Indeed, my success story would not be complete without the dedicated and hardworking team of Learn@ease, who helped me through this journey even after I felt blue after not passing an important entrance exam in 2019. Thank you Learn@ease!” 

“I am ten years old. I’ve been able to learn a lot compared to before I started Learn@ease. The teaching experience is fine. I feel like the teachers allow us to learn...[My advice to the younger ones is] for them to focus on their studies.”

“I’m ten years old. [From] Learn@ease I got so many experiences, I met different kinds of people, met their attitudes, and saw how they function. Everything in life takes time and process, so at a certain point there are some things you might not understand, but eventually find it easy and you might actually be the best at it. I think I can pass it [the exam]. I think everyone in my class can pass it because we’ve been putting [in] a lot of work, a lot of effort. My advice for the upcoming students is that they should be strong, good, and confident because even if they think they are far from their dreams, one more effort can make them the best. Thank you Learn@ease. You really shaped me into who I am today.”

“I am ten years old and I’ve met a different variety of people at this center. I’ve had a great impact of knowledge. I really enjoyed my experience here because over the years I stayed here, I’ve gained a lot. It’s helping me in my experience in my exams and passed so many now. I give all those thanks to Learn@ease because I’ve really witnessed different things that help me grow both in knowledge and everything, like sports, because here I get to be more social with different people. I really enjoy being here and I like being here, so I’m getting good experience at Learn@ease. I have some friends here who are serious and my advice for them is to be more serious and focused. A teacher once told me that if you were to put everyone in a quiet class, he would put me in a quiet class. And everybody started shouting and they’re like, how does Kassie get to be in a quiet class? Then the teacher says that she is very focused during class but very playful during break time. It shouldn’t be just based on knowledge. In class you should be serious but during break time you’re free and have free time.”

“I am nine years old and I’ve learnt a lot of things so far. First, during the placement test, I didn’t really know what to do. Now I’ve learned about everything that I need to know. I like the way [the teachers] teach because it’s very effective and I always get to learn something new every day. I’m very prepared [for the upcoming exam]. I think that [new Learn@ease students] should cooperate with their teachers so that their teachers will teach them what they need to know to pass the exam. They shouldn’t be afraid when they’re writing the exam.”

“I am eleven years old. Since I’ve joined Learn@ease, I have become better in class and am improving in my studies, basically be the top of the class. I want to give thanks to Learn@ease for helping me prepare for the Loyola exams. Don’t be scared, you always fulfill your dreams. Just believe in yourself and have confidence.”

“I am ten years old. My experience at Learn@ease has been quite tough but I think I am able to understand the questions and have an experience of what they are going to give me in the exam I’m going to write tomorrow. [My advice for future Learn@ease students is] that they should not be scared of the exam, that it’s just going to be like your school exam but a little bit tougher. They should just try to work harder to prepare for the exam they are going to write next year. I am really grateful for Learn@ease to get where I am today.”

“I’m eleven. When I first came to Learn@ease I didn’t like it because I couldn’t do anything on the tests, but after I stayed, I learned a lot of things. The tests have become easy for me. [My advice for future Learn@ease students is that the exam] sounds scary but it’s not. You can relax a bit. Another thing, work hard and do the exam. Study well. And last, be confident to yourself, know you can handle it. Learn@ease, thank you for teaching me everything I know to pass my Loyola exams.”

“I’m ten. My experience at Learn@ease has been fun. It hasn’t only been fun, it has been a really nice experience and I have been able to learn some things I didn’t know. My school doesn’t do a lot of topics that will enable me to pass the common entrance. Learn@ease has taught me a lot of new things. [My advice to future Learn@ease students is that] they should always study harder and thrive to do their best and don’t worry about any other thing. Thank you to Learn@ease and all the teachers for helping me work so hard and being the best I can.”

“I’m ten years old. At Learn@ease, it’s been a boon and bane experience for me. There’s been ups and downs. When I first came to Learn@ease, I remember when they would give us an exercise with ten questions and I would get zero. Thank you Learn@ease for shaping me into who I am today. When I came, I didn’t even know the difference between quadratic and linear. Now I do. [My advice for future Learn@ease students is] don't feel pressured, just go with the flow.”

College Counseling Services

"Applying for college seemed like a very tedious task at first. I didn't know how to apply to schools or what schools I was even eligible to apply to. I was somewhat lost at a point. But with the help of the Learn@ease college counseling team, I gave them little to no information on the basic preferences I had and they were able to find schools tailor-made for me in almost every aspect. I was pushed and guided through the whole process which was made easy with their help."

-Chukwuedo College counseling student

"Thank you Ma'am, thank you so much for all your support. I couldn’t have done any of it without Learn@ease."

-Chimbuchi college counseling student


"Thank you so much! Thank you Learn@ease, you guys are awesome. When it's time, I will engage the brother with you. I am impressed by this result."

-SAT parent